The ALCOVISOR MARK-X is an accurate and reliable professional tool for breath alcohol detection. If you buy the complete kit with printer may print the test result anytime and anywhere.
Is a portable unit, reliable, stable, rugged and easy to operate. Dual sampling system integrated offer you the posiblity of testing without single use mouthpiece. Just when the test result is positive, will need to atach the mouthpiece to have a clear and accurate result.

Main tehnical details:

Sensor type - Highly accurate and stable Electrochemical fuel sensor
Sensor lifespan - Aprox. 20.000 tests
Working, depositing temperature and Hmax - -10⁰C -- +50⁰C ; -20⁰C -- +70⁰C ; max. 95%
Dimensions and weight - 150 mm x 70 mm x 35 mm ; 170 gr without batteries
Dimensions of TFT display - 50 mm x 38 mm, color TFT display
Power source - 2 AAA batteries or accu for more than 1.500 tests
Readiness - 5 sec
Printer - Yes, is possible OPTIONAL
Measurment units - Mg/L, %, ‰ or any other units (menu setting)
Large detection range - 0,000 mg / L -- 3,000 mg / L or 0,000 ‰ – 6,000 with 0,001 increments
Autodiagnosis (self diagnostics) - Programmed self-check assures unit is operational upon power-up
Accuracy - ± 0,005 mg/L
Sampling system - Automatically take a deep lung sample
• TEST PASIV – moutpieces no needed
• TEST MANUAL - not needed mouthpiece
• TEST STANDARD – using single use moutpiece
Sample analyzing - Automatically actuated electronic pump system. No cooking required
Menu - Yes, simple to operate
”Flow-checking” function - Dual sensor (one for air pressure and one for alcohol detection)
”Cailibration checking” function - Yes, the unit will wearn you if the calibration is needed
Memory - 16.000 complete tests
Conectivity - USB
Posible settings from menu - Time, date, sample volume, measurment unit, many others.
Package contents [Simple Kit] - 1 unit of ALCOVISOR MARK-X, 1 protection pouch, 4 AAA alkaline batteries, 5 individualy sealed mouthpieces,1 plastic cup for Passive sample. All in one hard case

Free delivery in 24 hours and Two years guarantee period

Type High accuracy electrochemical sensor (fuel cell)
Reliability More than 20.000 breath alcohol test, under normal conditions
Selectivity Very Good
Accuracy Under 0,10% - ±0,005
Sensor Calibration / Changing possibility Yes
Calibration (Recommended) 1/year or 1/1.000 tests, wich occurs earlier
Type LCD
Dimensions 50 x 38 mm
Color Color
Operating conditions
Operating temperature Between -10⁰C - +50⁰C
Storage temperature Between -20⁰C - +70⁰C
Maximum relative humidity Not greater than 95% Rh
Sampling system Automatically actuated electronic absorption pump system
Sampling method STANDARD - with single use mouthpiece PASSIVE - just for ”YES/NOT” readings, without using mouthpieces MANUAL - for special situations
Ready for testing Instantly
Time required for output 0 - 6 seconds (maximum 6 seconds for extra high alcohol level)
Decimal numbers 3 (0,000)
Air Flow Rate checking Yes
Air flow pressure checking Yes
Tests counter Yes
Internal memory Yes, for the last 16.000 measurment
Printer No (included just in the complete kit)
Transferring data to PC Yes, its possible with the data cable and dedicated software (both included). The measurments download software is compatible with all version of Windows (Win XP, Win Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 8.1, Win 10)
Other features
Measurment unit Standard mg/L, or any other measurment unit %, ‰, g/l, etc
Measurment range 0,000 mg/L - 4,000 mg/L with 0,001 increments, coresponding with 0,000 - 8,000 ‰ with 0,001 increments
Power supply 4 x alcaline or rechargeable AAA, LR03 1,5V batteries for more than 500 measurment
Additional power source Not possible
Dimensions 149 mm x 67 mm x 33 mm 5,85” x 2,65” x 1,28”
Weight 170 grams without batteries
Certifications CE, TÜV, DOT, INM (National Institute of Metrology, Bucharest)
Warranty Full two-year warranty

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Alcovisor Mark-X professional breath alcohol detection system

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